Carmel Relax


Functional Cream and Fragrance with natural products. Favours relaxation, rest and sleep

Exceptional products

Carmel Relax has been launched as a line of product that facilitates relaxation, rest and sleep based on natural products, that is, on 13 Essential Oils in the form of a cream, (30ml) and a functional fragrance, (50ml) that can be sprayed onto loungewear or onto the bed. It is not sold in gel, capsule or liquid form, so it is not ingested by the digestive system. It is a relaxing spray or cream. It can also be applied within the family environment by spraying the desired room.

Family oriented

Carmel Relax line can be used by all members of the family. It should not be used by those with any type of allergy to any of its components.

The Functional Fragrance is not suitable for drinking and it is recommended that it be kept out of the reach of children. Cardboard and glass should be recycled.

Recommended use

The Functional Fragrance an the Cream of Carmel Relax can be used at any time of the day or night to contribute to aid relaxation.
You may start with 4 or 5 sprays of the Fragrance to clothing before going to bed. Effective results can be achieved by spraying the pillow or a tissue. If desired, clothing can also be sprayed after the afternoon or evening shower to aid relaxation



The line of  Carmel Relax has been designed with the aim of reducing nervous tension and favouring sleep and rest. It has been developed with the molecules of 13 100% natural Essential Oils, cultivated with modern techniques of respect for nature and respect for our production fields. The beneficial effects of Essential Oils have been clearly demonstrated based on age-old experience and modern medical botany. This perfect blend of 13 Natural Essential Oils makes Carmel Relax an extraordinary Functional Fragrance (studied in a laboratory for over 15 years) that favours rest, relaxation and sleep without ingesting any product at all.


The Carmel Relax Programme arose from the need to modernise and adapt the use of fragrances to new markets. With this objective in mind, two important factors have been taken into account: 1. The current situation of the traditional concept of “medicinal plants” and the most highly qualified university studies on modern molecular chemistry and medical botany. Extensive research and analysis over more than 15 years have led to the extraordinary combination formula that had not been explored until now. 2. The fact that there are no fragrances available on the market that have been specifically designed with molecules that provide added value during the night (Night-time Functional Fragrances).


The specific formula has been designed so that the fragrance spreads, enabling enjoyment of the best hours of sleep or rest. It is important to point out that due to its natural formulation, use of this Functional Fragrance and cream is suited to all members of the family (children over 1 year of age). The history and current use of legendary products has been considered, described and used for the first time, as has been demonstrated, by the Discalced Carmelites in 1611. The formula is also based on scientific fieldwork in which the components of 7 sleep-inducing products have been analysed (capsules, gel, etc.)

What is Carmel Relax used for?

To relax

The Cream and the Fragancia Funcional Carmel Relax has been formulated based on 13 Essential Oils, recognised in botany for centuries as powerful relaxation elements. Its intense functionality and ease of use make it unique on the market. By simply spraying the front of the pyjamas, the pillow or a tissue placed on the pillow the influence of the Essential Oils penetrates and has an impact on our system.

To rest

Rest naturally, without pills, gels or tablets: Simply with a light Fragrance. This Functional cream and  Fragrance will provide you with an extraordinary blend of 13 Natural Essential Oils, specially combined to facilitate your rest in a pleasant manner. It has taken over 15 years to achieve this outstanding and well-balanced combination. Never before has it been possible to facilitate rest in such a natural and pleasant way.

To sleep

The Cream and Fragancia Funcional Carmel Relax has been designed with the aim of aiding sleep. Its components respond to a well-defined proportionality. The aim is to aid sleep without any type of tablets, gel or pills. It helps you to fall asleep naturally, with natural products and with everyday and enjoyable habits such as enjoying the agreeable sensation of a magnificent fragrance. When used frequently, Carmel Relax will help you to fall asleep.


“After a comprehensive study carried out for many years by Mr Antonio Caetano, as perfumers we have reached the point of organoleptic balance between all of the product’s components: FRAGANCIA FUNCIONAL CARMEL RELAX. Thanks to this olfactory balance, FRAGANCIA FUNCIONAL CARMEL RELAX acts on the limbic system, activating its relaxation function”
Isabel Sanchez Montes Chemist-Perfumer. General Manager HAROMATICS Flavors & Fragrances S.L

I tried Carmel Relax to rest on the sofa after lunch. Now I use it at night and it helps me to sleep. It has a light and very pleasant fragrance. 

Custodia Bueno

Supervisor, Eurokombis

I use Carmel Relax after dinner and after a shower and it helps me to relax and I fall asleep much easier after a long day at work. 

Jesus Rubio

Plant Manager, CNFF

We use Carmel Relax at home because I have seen that it is positive and very pleasant for my whole family. 
Managing Director, Galerias Tejedor

Fernando Tejedor

Managing Director, Galerias Tejedor