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Information about Fragancia Funcional Carmel Relax, components, laboratories, registration documents, relaxing and sedative effect, etc.


The Functional Fragrance and its derived products: cream, mikado air fresheners, 2 ml vials, wipes, etc.


Your wellness begins by sleeping well, naturally




To the presentation of “Fragancia Funcional Carmel Relax”, a 100% natural product.
Based on the preparation and combination of 13 Essential Oils, this fragrance naturally aids relaxation, rest and sleep, by spraying it into the atmosphere or onto clothes.
Carmel Relax is not ingested, it is a Fragrance based on natural products that can be used by the whole family and in any room.
Carmel Relax is the result of botanical and chemical research through historic documents and laboratory tests, for over 15 years; combining essential oils until achieving the results required for an effective, natural and modern Functional Fragrance, within the fragrance field, particularly night-time fragrances, to facilitate and obtain adequate rest and relaxation to sleep and rest in optimal conditions. Without ingesting any type of drugs and without adverse effects for the body.

Caetano Functional Fragrances S.L.

The nuclear physicist Antonio Caetano is the investigator and creator of the Carmel Relax Programme, who has managed to combine relaxing molecules (also well-known in modern botany) that provide added value to a fragrance that aids rest and relaxation.
Sold in spray and cream form, it is also available in mikado air fresheners, 2 ml vials and wipes that can be easily transported to aid rest and sleep while travelling.

Carmel Relax, historic reference.
The 16th Century Carmelite monks used the essential oils of certain relaxing plants to improve rest and sleep. Its name, “Carmel”, originates from Mount Carmel, which means “the garden of God”. For centuries, scientists have studied how to aid relaxation and improve rest. Achieving this naturally, without side effects, is the result of modern research.

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PDF documents that have been included in the Press kit

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Photos of the products produced by “Caetano Functional Fragrances”.
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Logos Carmel Relax and Caetano Functional Fragrances.


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Graphic material about Carmel Relax, in regards to the images appearing on this website (woman sleeping, mountain, children, etc.) and other photos of the CR products in several formats (psd, jpg, png) and in high quality

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Dossier Presentation of Carmel Relax and its derived products


Video “Because the night is to dream“. Youtube link. Perfect visual overview of the products derived from Carmel Relax with music by Alberto Cobo.


Media Presentation PPTX.
This is a brief presentation that covers all scientific and functional aspects of the products derived from Carmel Relax. A more comprehensive presentation can be viewed in the “Press” section of this website.

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Information and photo of Mr Antonio Caetano, nuclear physicist and creator of the Functional Fragrance based on relaxing molecules


Answers about the components, laboratory records, texts, photos, etc.

We will be happy to help you with any questions you may have on any matter, from official documents about the product to the cosmetic accreditations of laboratories and, if you need any information in file format, we can also send you a PDF.



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