Sleeping problems?

If you go around and around before going to sleep, this is one of the solutions to favor rest.

Carmel Relax compounds are 100% natural, functional and effective cosmetics to reduce tension and help the whole family to relax and to sleep in optimal conditions, without ingesting gel pills or capsules.

They are the first cosmetics (fragrance,  50ml and functional cream, 30ml ) on the market composed of 13 natural essential oils, recognized in botany for centuries as powerful elements of relaxation. Useful for the whole family

Discover its benefits with the functional fragrance, which you can spray in the pajamas or on the pillow so that the oils penetrate and influence your system naturally.
The Functional Cream will be absorbed directly through the skin generating an effect of calm and relaxation that will facilitate rest.
Combine them as you want and start to feel their positive effects.

Because the night is a dream.

You can start with 4 or 5 sprays of the Fragrance on the garments before bedtime.

It can be sprayed with effective results on the pillow or on a handkerchief.
If desired, some sprays can also be executed on the clothes after the shower in the afternoon or evening to rest.

With this same fragrance, derived from the 13 essential oils, there is the Mikado and the relaxing candles, especially for the bedrooms, the tohallitas, very useful in travel and the roll-on to carry the product in the bag and use it either in the office, on trips or when you think convenient