The Cream

Essential oils are absorbed by the skin

Only with Natural Essential Oils.

The “Relax Functional Cream” (30ml) is a cosmetic that is applied directly to the skin.

The composition of the cream is the same
composition than that of the “Fragrance
Functional Carmel Relax “, that is, contains the 13 main relaxing essential oils

Everything starts sleeping well, naturally

With this “Relax Functional Cream” the effects of sedation, relaxation and helping to sleep are achieved because the Essential Oils are absorbed by the body through the skin (chest, temple, feet, etc.)

Carmel Relax is a complete series of relaxing products for the whole family

You can use the Carmel Relax Functional Fragrance on the pillow, on the body or on a handkerchief. You can also use the soothing cream to use it individually and smear it well on the chest, the temple or the soles of the feet. With the cream the relaxation effect is the same because it is formulated with the same 13 Essential Oils of the Fragrance. It serves for the whole family.

A short video and with a lot of information

Here is a video with brief explanations and suggestive photos of the Carmel Relax Program. The background music, a wonderful composition by Maestro Alberto Cobo, is called “Malagueña” and he composed it to accompany you on the path together with Carmel Relax.

Easy to carry

Any of the Carmel Relax relaxing line products can be used in the office, on trips or in the afternoons resting on the sofa and enjoying the best television programs

13 Premium Essentials Oils

All the Carmel Relax range: Mikados, Candles, Wipes, Cream or Fragrance are made with natural Essential Oils of first quality, suitable for the whole family

Sleep well to live well

Sleeping well is one of the main factors to enjoy the hours of the day with intensity and pleasure. There are several ways that help to achieve a good rest and the product line Carmel Relax is one of them